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Cult Icon – Jean Bardot

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I had the privilege of spending some time with Jean Bardot in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale Fetish Factory Memorial Day Weekend. I did a little partying with her crew (Fucking Gerry above) which included TOGS, slaves, TV’s and a newly married couple of friends.

Not only did I see her wearing rubber at every occasion over the weekend but she was also running around recording interviews for her channel the Jean Bardot Show. Paired with husband Luke, they are a dynamic team, as he is the very accomplished photographer, Soul Focus.

Jean is a self-proclaimed rubber loving Mistress, model, actress, performer, educator and presenter.  She travels internationally for all of the above and has performed at the Torture Garden too. WOW – one hard working latex lover.

I first heard about her when Jean performed as Rubberella

She’s a star, her light shines brightly, which is why I thought you should all know about this Minneapolis, USA beauty.





The next Rubber Cult is on Oct 7th 2017. It is also part of the London Fetish Weekend.


Miss KIM x

Photographer credit on photo.

Posted on: June 19th, 2017 by Kim

Cult Icon – Mary Jale

Mary Jale

Mary Jale is an international rubber fetish model and the perfect rubber doll. She has modelled for The Rubber Sisters, Freaks Inside, Rubber Passion, Clinical Torments and many others in her travels creating stunning unique images which are a testament to her fetishism.

‘Rubber is my passion…more layers, much more fun’

She has been spotted at Rubber Cult previously having hot shiny fun.

“Rubber Cult is the best party to get to know new latex lovers, for a relaxed chat with friends or to see the best latex outfits”.

Head to toe in rubber she is a perfect Cult icon.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Mary Jale’s Patreon




Posted on: June 16th, 2017 by Synth

Nicci Tristan – Life Drawing Model

Nicci Tristan

Cult icon Nicci Tristan will be our luscious life model at Rubber Cult October 7th. Nicci Tristan is a real rubber doll and fetish model.   She is complicated person to say the least- a blend of personalities contained in one body. A genuine chameleon morphing between living in the world day to day boy time, and a Trans Fetish cyber party girl whenever the opportunity presents itself….which seems to  be quite often!

Come and draw this rubber diva and celebrate our birthday event!

Get your tickets now.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Posted on: June 7th, 2017 by Synth

Free Birthday Gifts

We want to celebrate our birthday by giving YOU free gift. Head down to Rubber Cult October 7th, but be early to get your free gummi gift. We have an exciting evening of Cult celebrations, so be sure to join us to raise a toast to our 5th birthday.

Get hold of one of these cute mementos on this our first London Fetish Weekend.

Avoid disappointment and buy your tickets now.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Posted on: May 30th, 2017 by Synth

Exxess Latex Catwalk

Pussy Galore ExxEss Latex Photo Robert Beck

Exxess Latex will be bringing their incredible latex wearable art to the Rubber Cult catwalk October 7th.  Creating Sparking creations and inspiring the imagination. ‘We love latex. Pure and simple. The only thing more amazing then this lovely material is its limitless possibilities.  We enjoy sharing our unique view with what we build. From a simple accessory,  you can wear in your everyday life,  to creating a complete alter ego for you, every piece is your own personal work of art.’

Buy your tickets and join our costume extravaganza!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim


Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Synth

Rope Sluts – Rope Suspension

rope sluts

If you like restraint with your rubber, then look no further. Rope Sluts will be joining us at Rubber Cult, bringing you to new heights with their rope suspension installation.

Come and watch as layers of hemp on latex, is bound tight for your delight.

Get your tickets now!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x


Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by Synth

Marnie Scarlet – Divine Intervention

marnie scarlet
We are singing the praises for Marnie Scarlet‘s latest act, which she will be bringing to Rubber Cult next weekend – May 13th.

Let us all bathe in the glory of her divine inspiration. We will be calling together cultists far and wide to come and worship at the altar of this Cult icon.

Get your tickets now for a sexy, shiny evening of rubber culture.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Posted on: May 5th, 2017 by Synth

Rubber Bedtime

Hannah rubber adreena angela

Come to road test Libidex’s new line of rubber bedding. Beautiful latex models Adreena Angela and Hannah will be putting on super sexy bed show. Once they’ve done rolling about in rubber, slide inside to be a super shiny super snug as a bed bug!

Libidex steps into the homeware department with their brand new range of bedding. You can now find a complete set of latex pillowcases, fitted sheets and duvet covers!

Plus some extra special items that fit on top of the rubber bed for your pleasure!

Get your tickets now and join us next weekend.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Posted on: May 4th, 2017 by Synth