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Rubber Cult Closure

After our 6th birthday event Rubber Cult we have made a difficult decision to close. There will be no more Rubber Cult events. We thank you all for your wonderful support and attendance.

Kim and Cynth

It has been a huge honour to have created and run Rubber Cult with Kim; to have created a unique space for rubber culture and community. From its inception Rubber Cult has been about making an inclusive space for rubber fetishists which had a simple and clear focus, but the incredible warm community which came with it has blown myself and Kim away. Thank you all for an awesome 5 years of amazing art, fashion, fetish and- family. The time has come for me to focus on my arts practice and I hope the years we’ve all had at Rubber Cult have left you inspired, united and with as many fond memories as I have personally. 

A huge thank you to all of our artists, performers, fashion designers, venue hosts, helpers, mistresses and maids over the years, to the European Fetish Awards for our award for best Start up in 2013 recognising our unique concept  and to all the wonderful Cultists who have attended and supported over the years and of course Kim herself for all her hard work and dedication as a team. 
It’s been an privilege to have shaped something ground breaking- may we close Rubber Cult and move forward knowing we were all part of that piece of fetish history- thank you all deeply.
-Cynth Icorn
“When Synth told me she was off to pursue her own artistic endeavours, and no longer would be a part of Rubber Cult, I was shocked and gutted. I felt we were a great combination and really made Rubber Cult ground breaking in every sense. Straight away I thought I didn’t want to do it without her. Then I thought about ALL the people that are going to be disappointed. I tried my best to think of lots of different solutions but I just kept coming back to the same thing…it wouldn’t be the same without Synth. I recently posted a thread highlighting all the rubber events that have popped up (better word) since we started. Promoting their next events. I probably did it the wrong way around. This should have come first.
R.I.P. Rubber Cult. I’m going to miss you. I feel like I should say sorry, because I know it will be missed by everyone. 

Lots of love to you all you rubberists. 

Miss KIM x x x”

Posted on: November 9th, 2018 by Synth

Codename Diablo Interview – Latexfashion TV

Codename Diablo Girls at Rubber Cult | LatexFashionTV from LatexFashionTV on Vimeo.

Check out this LatexFashion TV interview with the stars of Codename Diablo from February’s Rubber Cult, when we screened the films trailer.

Hayley Leggs interviews the busty latex-clad stars of Codename Diablo. It’s a combination of Charlie’s Angels meets James Bond, super-spy comedy film. Lilly 4K, Mary Madison Love and Dolly Fox. The actresses certainly made an impact on the night, be sure to join us on Saturday and keep an eye out for Rubber Cult-icons!

Buy your tickets now.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Posted on: October 3rd, 2018 by Synth

Tigress – New Flame


Don’t miss Tigress‘s sensationally sexy performance – New Flame. Be sure to join us on Saturday for an intimate rubber performance in our cabaret lounge. You might want to loosen your collars because this one is going to be HOT! Stand back or bring a fan because you’re going to need it to witness New Flame!

Buy your tickets now for our birthday extravaganza.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Posted on: October 3rd, 2018 by Synth

Slide Into Our Straight Jacket

Libidex straightjacket

On Saturday indulge in our rubber dungeon and try our full-rubber straight jackets. We will have assistants to help you in and ensure you’re tightly enclosed and out when you’ve calmed down! Be seduced by the experience of latex with our Libidex straight jacket.

Buy your tickets now and surrender to the Rubber Cult.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Posted on: October 3rd, 2018 by Synth

LatexFashion TV Vacbed Video

Check out this video of LatexFashion TV’s Rebecca challenged her friend to try our Vacbed at last Rubber Cult, just one of the exciting rubber toys we have. Come and roll on our rubber bed, try on our straight jackets and our latex inflatable hoods on Saturday.

Buy your tickets now and join London’s award winning latex event!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Posted on: October 2nd, 2018 by Synth

Mistress Phoenix

Mistress Pheonix

We have the honour of having the impeccable, fiery Mistress Phoenix hosting our dungeon and medical corner at Rubber Cult’s masquerade ball.

Mistress Phoenix is a professional London born Dominatrix. She has traveled the world performing live BDSM shows for public and private events. Coming from a performance backgound, she naturally enjoys being creative in sessions and creating a dream scenario. She is very glamorous, an elegant femme fatal with a sharp bitter edge and the power to haunt you in your dreams and have you crawling back to her Louboutin’s each and every time.

Come and submit to her in our dungeon and she will have you entranced, wrapping you in layers of latex or encasing you in one of our rubber straight jackets.

Buy your tickets now and don’t miss out.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Posted on: September 28th, 2018 by Synth

Max Ryder Performance

max ryder

We are excited to bring to the Rubber Cult stage a first – Max Ryder drag king extraordinaire. A King of the Dark, tantalising the audience with the raise of an eyebrow. In turns political and comedic, he piqued interest as a finalist on King Me: Rise of a Drag King Season 2, continued as finalist at Admiral Duncan and Central Station’s Drag Idol 2018 and went viral with his Donald Trump interpretation at the London Trump protest!

We can’t wait for your to experience the rubber ride of your life. Maxing out the Ride, it’s Max Ryder!

Buy your tickets now for our exciting full on fetish event as part of London Fetish Weekend.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Max Ryder Instagram

Max Ryder Facebook

Posted on: September 27th, 2018 by Synth

Tigress – Fierce Freak Show Performance


We are very excited to present to you, performing at Rubber Cult for the first time – Tigress! A fierce and passionate burlesque performer based in London with five years experience, from entertaining the crowds of Glastonbury or Edinburgh Fringe, to flaming up the stage at Cirque Le Soir.

Be sure to hold on to your hats, and your stomach, as Tigress is here to amuse and confuse you with this fierce freak show!

Buy your tickets now and don’t miss this full-on fetish cabaret!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Posted on: September 21st, 2018 by Synth