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Beautiful BeGloss Booth

Posted on: February 13th, 2018 by Synth

be gloss rubber cult

BeGloss and Rubber Cult want to rub you up the right way, to give you a high-gloss polish in our BeGloss Shine Booth. Come and test out this bespoke latex polishing product for a superior shine with our trained shining team. Plus Kinky Ginga is back!

Buy your tickets now and let us take care of you.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Dungeon Mistress – Pussy Willow

Posted on: February 5th, 2018 by Synth

“Willow weep for me…”

Mistress Pussy Willow will be our seductive dungeon and medical installation mistress at Rubber Cult on February 17th 2018.

Mistress pussy willow

“BDSM is not just my work, but my lifes calling. I am a lifestyle Domme with a unique style, that I have been practising and perfecting whilst travelling the world for the last five years.”

Blonde, beautiful and perfectly perverted we can’t wait to see Mistress Pussy Willow in action. Make sure you are taken under her spell in our beautiful dungeon and medical corner.


Buy your tickets now.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Marnie Scarlet – Mad March Hare

Posted on: February 2nd, 2018 by Synth

Marnie scarlet

The magnificent Marnie Scarlet - is an international fetish diva, who will be performing a mesmerising new performance as The Mad March Hare!

Come and see her new candy striped performance at Rubber Cult Feast of St. Valentine’s on February 17th.

Be sure to buy your tickets now,

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

LatexFashionTV at Rubber Cult LFW Ball

Posted on: February 1st, 2018 by Synth

Come and check out the LatexFashionTV coverage of last season’s Rubber Cult to get fired up and inspired for Rubber Cult St Valentines event!
Presented by Rebecca of Yummy Gummy featuring a fashion show from Exxess latex, rubber burlesque performances from Betty Machete and Charlie Bouquet and a rubber play area with vac beds and vac cubes. Rebecca and Nicola wear outfits by Yummy Gummy. Filmed over London Fetish Weekend, October 2017.

Rubber Cult LFW Ball | LatexFashionTV from LatexFashionTV on Vimeo.

LatexFashionTV brings you award-winning fashion films with latex fashion and clothing, featuring models, designers, photo shoots, behind-the-scenes, interviews, event coverage and fashion shows from across the UK and beyond. The definitive source for latex and rubber fashion.

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Buy your tickets for Rubber Cult on February 17th now!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

Deviant Dungeon

Posted on: January 29th, 2018 by Synth

rubber dungeon

We want to indulge you in your deepest desires so we have the most deviant dungeon ready for you at Rubber Cult- with the largest selection of rubber toys at any London club thanks to our Libidex Latex Lounge. Come and try our Vacbed, Vaccube, Inflatable Sleepsack, rubber sleepsack, straight jacket and rubber bed; all of our toys are staffed by friendly cultists ready to assist you! We also have a medical corner complete with toys and a full dungeon too!

Come and fall into latex love and be encapsulated in rubber!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim

We’re Giving You Our Heart

Posted on: January 19th, 2018 by Synth

rubber heart

We love all of you who come and make Rubber Cult awesome, so we’re giving you our heart. Of course – its rubber! As you come in we will have the iconic Mad Alan, handing out heart balloons.

Find someone you love and share your heart with them. Do you love their outfit? Their masked eyes? Their rubber bum? Be a latex lover and spread the love at Rubber Cult on St. Valentines!

Buy your tickets now.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Marie Devilreux – Rubber Romance

Posted on: January 12th, 2018 by Synth

Marie Devilreux

International fetish performer and pin-up Marie Devilreux will be returning to Rubber Cult to perform a romantic rubber act especially for you.  She has graced magazines such as Bedeseme, Latecstasy, Dark Beauty Bizarre, Marquis and Skin Two and her incredible headdresses were on stage at Rubber Cult last year in collaboration with Torture Garden Latex.

We know how much you loved her show last time, so we’ve invited her back for a second helping of delicious latex burlesque.

Get your tickets now and don’t miss out on your serving of kinky kitsch cabaret.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Catasta Charisma Cubs

Posted on: January 5th, 2018 by Synth

Rubber Cubs

Come and pose with the fabulously-friendly fetish furries. Made by Catastas Charisma we will be working the party with his rubber cubs. These hand-made rubber bears are waiting to be loved by you.

If you want to improve your latex skills ready for Rubber Cult, and even create a new outfit for yourself, get your paws on one of Catasta’s amazing manuals, which cover everything from making hoods, catsuits and shirts. These in depth guides take you through step-by-step, how to make made-to-measure patterns, cut them and assemble them into a gorgeous garment of choice.

Get yourself a manual and get your gear on. Meet us and the rubber cubs at Rubber Cult on Feb 17th 2018.


Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Celebrate With The Cult

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by Synth


Rubber cult rubber maid

We can’t wait to start the new year with a bang! S here is wishing you all a Happy New Year from Cynth Icorn, Miss Kim and the team at Rubber Cult.

On Feb 17th we have a super-sexy rubber-maid who will be handing out FREE bubbly for you all, to toast the evening. Arrive early and luxuriate in our ‘maid’ to measure service.

Stay Shiny. Get your tickets now.

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim x x

Mask and Co Transformation Station

Posted on: December 21st, 2017 by Synth



Mask and Co. are both fetish artists and latex fashion creators and Rubber Cult is excited to present a Mask and Co transformation station at Rubber Cult Valentines.

Inspired and managed by famous fetish model „M“ and her husband Frank. They always dreamed of the perfect second skin from head to toe, noticeable to the public and the bearer always with dazzling sexiness. Today „M“ epitomises the supreme fetish goddess with over one million views online. Fetish celebrities around the globe venerate them for their unique and notorious full head masks.

At the transformation station you’ll have the opportunity to try on a Mask and Co mask of your choosing and be photographed wearing it in our photobooth, by one of our cult photographers so you can keep your photo and relive the ultimate full on fetish experience.

Mask and Co. are driven by passion, fun and innovation. Till now they have come up with some hundred different designs, worn proudly by models, dominas, crossdressers and daring girls and boys worldwide. Every creation is handmade in Germany, with outstanding attention to fit, comfort and detail.

Their masks and accessories are designed for the most exquisite taste, bringing femininity and fantasy to perfection and releasing your true passion.

Rubber Cult welcomes you to the world of

Buy your tickets for Rubber Cult Valentines now!

Cynth Icorn and Miss Kim